A Guaranteed Good Time: What to bring on your family camping trip at Echo Bluff

You and the whole family have been looking forward to your camping trip to Echo Bluff all month and now it’s finally arrived but wait! You haven’t even started packing yet and you can feel the stress is creeping in. What do you do?

A trip away should make you feel excited, not stressed! So, we are here to ease the worry and tell you exactly what to bring for your weekend camping trip. Keep it simple, and you’re sure to have the most relaxing outdoor experience. Here are 10 must-bring items for your camping trip at Echo Bluff State Park:

  1. You’ll need a tent!

Unless you own an RV for camping, be sure to bring a tent, or two, to comfortably fit you and your family! If you can’t lie down in it comfortably, it’s too small!


  1. Don’t forget the sleeping bags

A tent is great shelter, but don’t forget to bring enough sleeping bags for everyone to avoid uncomfortable sleep on the ground’s hard surface!

  1. Foldable Chairs

Nobody wants to stand around the campfire and tell stories! Make sure to bring enough chairs for everyone to have the best seat in the house – well in the campsite that is – and bonus item: flashlights are great for telling the best fireside stories!

  1. Water bottles

Being outside all day can be super dehydrating (yes, EVEN when it’s cold out!) So, make sure you bring water bottles for each family member.

  1. Appropriate Weather Wear!

Make sure to check the weather forecast for when you’ll be out camping in the elements, and always bring rain gear just in case! A spare set of clothes is always a good thing too.

  1. Food, DUH!

You’re going to need something to keep the kids at bay! Snacks, snacks, SNACKS! (They will be your best friend…the kids not the snacks)

rv campground in echo bluff

  1. A first-aid kit

Just in case! This is something you should probably keep on you at all times, but especially on your camping trip!

  1. Camping tools

It’s always good to have a small pocketknife when going camping, you never know when it may come in handy. But be careful! Make sure to keep this camping item away from those curious kids!

  1. Matches and a Lantern

Okay so maybe you weren’t the world’s greatest boy scout or girl scout, but you’re still going to need a way to start up that campfire somehow! The lantern is great for when you want to provide light to the whole campsite without the hassle of holding a flashlight or having to tell the kids to stop shinning it in each other’s eyes!

  1. A Great Attitude

The most important ingredient to your best camping trip ever? A great attitude! The kids will feed off of this like no other. If you want everyone to have the best possible time, then show great enthusiasm and always STAY POSITIVE.

smiles in echo bluff

We hope this was helpful to you and relieved some of your stress before coming out to Echo Bluff State Park for the best camping trip ever! We are so excited to have you.


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