2024 Summer Concert Series

5:00pm – 8:00pm
Come grab a bite to eat, a cool drink, and listen to some great local music! 

Missouri State Parks | Echo Bluff Concert Series 2024

July 27th

Blake Gardner & The Farmers

Blake Gardner & The Farmers break free from being confined to one genre of music. This group mixes blues, reggae, hip-hop and funk. 

August 31st

Jimmy Hill and Friends

A combination of classic country and rock. Jimmy and Friends will certainly have some music that will catch your attention

September 1st

James Vankirk

James has been singing and playing music for 36 years. The local favorite sings old country with rock, gospel and bluegrass thrown in. 

September 2nd

The Baker Family – 7:00pm

The Baker Family plays a wide range of classic country, bluegrass, and original tunes. This group travels across North America playing some of your favorites.