Nature Journaling Workshops

Nature Journaling is an exciting and calming way to enjoy nature stress free. Join park staff and possible guest speakers to learn about the JOY of Nature Journaling.  ALL workshops will be held at Echo Bluff State Park at the Bluff Top Pavilion.  ALL workshops start at 10:00am and end at Noon.  Each workshop will focus on a new skill, tip or trick. It is all about the JOY of nature. Bring your own Nature Journal and any supplies you like to take along as you journal.  Don’t have a Journal they can be found almost anywhere or make your own I prefer unlined journals and an ever sharp pencil.  

For more information or to register contact Connie at 573-751-1224 or [email protected].

April 21 – What is Nature Journaling?

Back to the basics! This is a workshop for everyone and every level of journaling! We all need a refresher on the basics of Nature Journaling and WHY we journal. NOT every page needs to be a “Work of ART”. Just paper and pencil needed, nothing fancy here. Let’s journal.

June 16 – Maps and Sit Spots

Let’s go out in the field and have a seat! Literally. Bring a chair if you like or plan on sitting on the ground. We will be learning different ways to map an area and how to put ourselves in the middle of that area in more ways than one. Bring binoculars if you have them.

September 14 – Color Play

Let’s get some color in your Journal! Black and white is fun BUT color oh my! What is the best way to get color in you journal? What do you like to use in the field verses at home? Taking pictures and journal later? All of these questions will be answered and more. There will be different types of colored media for you to try as well as different types of papers.

October 20 – Nature Journal as Research

Have you ever looked at a plant and wondered what it was or wanted to know more about an animal? Well use your Nature Journal as a way to research that plant or animal. So in other words Journal it! Using your journal to better connect with and learn about nature is what it is all about. Learning stress free. Field guides will be available but you are welcome to bring your own.